Amy's Quarter Inch Test Instructions

Put Your 1/4" stitch to the test!

View and print out the .pdf for instructions on how to test your 1/4" piecing settings.

Have a friend who could use this test? You have permission to print out the .pdf and and share it as long as my copyright info remains.

When it comes to Janomes, we have so many options to get the right foot and settings for our own perfect quarter inch seam.

There is no scant 1/4 inch foot from Janome. There is no need for one. Just move the needle drop position on any of the 1/4 inch feet. (My favorite is the Clearview Foot and Guide set!!! Link is for the 9mm version, 7mm version ) With 91 needle drop positions on any of the 9mm machines from Janome, it's fabulously accurate once one knows how. Now...on the smaller machines (7mm stitch width and "normal sized") they aren't quite as adjustable. On our bigger machines, (aren't they wonderful?) if they have the HP foot, one just needs to adjust how well they feed the fabric into the machine.

quarter inch seam test.pdf
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